1. What is Muse X™?

Muse X is the trademark (brand name) of the Professional Performing Artists Certification Board.  We are the credentialing body for actors, models, singers, musicians, dancers, clowns, and other professional performing artists.  Yes, clowns.  Don’t laugh; there’s nothing funny about clowns. 

2. How do you pronounce “Muse X?”

The “X” is a roman numeral “10.”  So, “Muse X” is intended to be pronounced “muse ten”–but we don’t mind if you pronounce it “muse ex.” 

3. How do I get to be certified by Muse X?

Practice, practice.  But seriously, folks, the certification process is straightforward:  Submit an application for the relevant certification program and endorsements for which you qualify; if you meet the initial eligibility requirements, you will have the opportunity to take the certification exam (with appropriate endorsement modules); if you pass the test, you will be certified.  Periodically, you will need to recertify by demonstrating either your continued competency (by retaking the initial certification exam) or your enhanced competency (by documenting continuing education and work experience).

4. Can I apply for the Muse X certification programs now?

Yes! We are accepting applications for the global core certification (the Certified Professional Performing Artist™ (CPPA™)) now. We are developing the arts-specific endorsement modules and will open applications for those, soon.   

5. How much does it cost to earn the Muse X certification?

The exam fee for the global core certification (the Certified Professional Performing Artist™ (CPPA™)) is USD 499. The exam fee for each arts-specific endorsement module (screen acting, vocal performance, stage acting, etc.) is USD 249.

Periodic recertification (every 3 years) is USD 299 for the CPPA™, plus USD 99 for each arts-specific endorsement.